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Main Benefit

Pesticide removal. Dramatically improved Color and Clarity.

Secondary Benefit
Binds to polar water soluble compounds within a suspension - which can then be filtered out through a 20 micron screen.

Additional Information
Adsorbent for the separation of lipids, is a commercially prepared magnesia silica gel. It has a coarse mesh size which helps in rapid flow rate. It is effective in promoting sigmatropic shift of myceophenolic acid related allyl phenyl ethers. Magsil cartridges are used in atmospheric sampling to assess possible interference from air contaminants in chemical laboratories. It is generally used as column packing material in column chromatography, as an adsorbent in gas chromatography with electron capture detector (GC/ECD), capillary column chromatography, adsorption column chromatography, and in clean up procedures in gas chromatography, tandem mass spectrometry and GC-FID.

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